Welcome To YSUnity: SOGIE Society

YSUnity: SOGIE Society!

Sexual orientation, gender identity and expression!

A safe place for all of Youngstown State University’s students, professors, and faculty!

A list of some events we have done:

  • Welcome Week 
  • Bisexual Awareness Week 
  • Coming Out Week 
  • Diverse Halloween Party 
  • Asexual Awareness Week 
  • Trans Day of Visibility 
  • Pansexual Awareness Week 
  • Human Rights Day 
  • World AIDS Day 
  • Toys for Tots concert
  • Gays in Their Natural Habitat 
  • Drag Show 
  • Day of Silence 
  • Picnic 
  • Information Tables 
  • P-Flag
  • Various Pride Parades and Festivals
  • Toys For Tots
  • Jenny Magazine Launch
  • Bake Sales and Candy Sales 
  • Raffles (50/50) 
  • Merchandise Sales (bracelets and hats made by the members) 
  • T-Shirt Sale 
  • GoFundMe 

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