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We are Youngstown State University’s LGBT+ organization. But due to recent realizations that the lettering of LGBT+ can accidentally exclude orientations or identities, we have decided to move forward as a group. We did not want a long abundance of lettering; however, we still wanted to be inclusive to ALL. So we have decided to open up the new chapter of SOGIE.

SOGIE stands for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression.

With this new chapter upon us, we truly feel that we stand by our original motto of, “where everyone can be themselves.”
With these 5 letters, we aim to showcase that literally everyone and anyone can come to our group and be accepted.

We are YSUnity: SOGIE Society.

Our Mission

(1) Promote awareness of issues relating to LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, the Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual) students.

(2) To provide a supportive & welcoming common place for all LGBTQIA students & faculty.

(3) To create a more welcoming campus for the LGBTQIA community through campus activism, education, & events.

(4) To network with other organizations & businesses on & off campus to create a diverse network of support for the benefit of all members of YSUnity & those people who wish to take advantage of our network of support.

Our Officers

Carissa Brennan 


Kitty McClendon

Vice President

Maridee Waller


Emmett Podgorski 



Corresponding Secretary

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