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bisexual-community-world: We are still bisexual. (@Still Bisexual) Bisexual people who haven’t dated anyone are still bisexual. Bisexual girls who have only dated boys are still bisexual. Bisexual people who only date girls are still bisexual. Bisexual people who used to idetify as gay are stll bisexual. Bisexual boys who have a preference for boys are …

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huffingtonpost: After hiding his sexuality all his life, this Syrian refugee is celebrating his first Gay Pride in Amsterdam.

sixpenceee: A compilation of gay pride parades from all over the world, including Chicago, Vancouver, Korea, Sweden, London and Uganda. No one should ever take away the right to love. (Source)

YSUnity: SOGIE Society

We are Youngstown State University’s LGBT+ organization. But due to recent realizations that the lettering of LGBT+ can accidentally exclude orientations or identities, we have decided to move forward as a group. We did not want a long abundance of lettering; however, we still wanted to be inclusive to ALL. So we have decided to …

glaad: At GLAAD, we know the power of storytelling. For the victims of the horrific anti-LGBT attack during Pulse nightclub’s Latin night in Orlando, it’s important that we share their names, each of which has a lifetime of stories behind it. Stanley Almodovar III, 23 years oldAmanda Alvear, 25 years oldOscar A Aracena-Montero, 26 years …

afterellen: How to feel your way through despair

If you’re in the Northeastern section of Ohio and want to be part of a totally inclusive LGBTQIA+ nonprofit organization, get ready for the new and improved YSUnity! YSUnity is the only LGBTQIA+ group at Youngstown State University. It is run by open minded college students from all sides of the rainbow spectrum. We strive …

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